MassHRM - The Cloud Suite Super admin documentation

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On Superadmin dashboard you can view the summary of:

  1. Payments
  2. Total companies
  3. Total subscriptions
  4. Total tickets
  5. Invoice report
  6. Membership by country
  7. Latest invoices
  8. Latest companies

Setup Companies

MassHRM provides a very good and easy company module system, where super admin can add multiple companies. While adding a new company super admin can assign subscription plan to a company. Also super admin can edit / update any company information anytime.

When you add subscription plan, then you can easily create multiple company accounts

1: Change subscription for a company

When super admin change a subcription for a company then it will not be added to invoice payments.
Note: Directly change subscription means that company paid amount to super admin directly to their account.

2: Enable/Disable modules for a company

Note: Only enabled modules will show for this company. The sub modules will not work for package#5 and package#6

Note: You can easily select different packages for each company then company will access only those modules.

For example:

If you assign package#4 for company 1, package#5 for company2 and package#6 for company 3

Comapny1: Company 1 will access the following modules

  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Performance
  • CRM - Products & Services, Invoices & Billing
  • Inventory - POS

Comapny2: Company 2 will access only Inventory - POS with inventory dashboard

Comapny3: Company 3 will access only CRM Modules like Finance, Project Management and Products & Services, Invoices & Billing with crm dashboard

3: Select languages for a company

Note: Only selected languages will show for this company

Setup Subscription Plans

On Subscriptions page you can add more subscription plans according to your requirements.

Staff Users

You can add more users for super admin.

The users will access only super admin portal.

User Roles

You can easily create new roles, and can assign any role to any staff users.

The users will access only those modules which are selected in the roles.

Support Tickets

Creating a new ticket in the system is also very easy. Companies can create a ticket for General, Technical, Billing, Subscription or Other issue. The super admin will see the tickets and can easily response to that ticket. This ticket system belongs to companies and super admin only.

Billing Invoices

When companies upgrade their subsciption plans from their portal then all invoices will show here

System Settings

On Settings page you can update information according to your company requirements.


On this page you can setup company information, set timezone, set date format, set language, set currency, set theme settings (LTR or RTL), set Backgroun color (select a theme or color from dropdown)

Enable reCaptcha

If you enable reCaptacha then it will show on login page, otherwise it will not show

Example: reCaptcha Enabled

Example: reCaptcha Disabled

Setup Payment Gateways

You can setup the Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay, Paystack and Flutterwave payment gateways. When a customer upgrade their subscription they will pay via activated payment methods.

Notification Position

Set position for notifications, and enable/disable close button and progress bar for notifications.

Email Settings

You can easily enable/disable the email notifications. Also you can add SMTP details.

Subscription Tax

You can easily enable/disable the subscription tax. When you enable the subscription tax then tax amount will show to companies while they are upgrading their subscription. The tax amount will show on base of selected tax type.


Theme Settings

In theme settings you can select layout for whole system, vertical layout, horizontal layout, light and dark color scheme, layout width, top bar color, sidebar size, sidebar view, sidebar color and sidebar images.

Module Types

In Module Types you can add types for company type, religion, subscription tax and currencies, so you can do the following below tasks:

  1. Company Type: You can create Company Type, delete and edit.
  2. Religion: You can add Religion, delete and edit.
  3. Subscription Tax: You can add Tax Name, Tax Rate and Tax Type (fixed/percent).
  4. Currencies: You can add more currencies in the system. For currency you can add Country, Currency Name and Currency Code.

Email Templates

You can easily update any email template in the email template section. You can update the template name, subject and can update the template content for specific template.

Multi Language

When you add any language then go to app/Language/ folder and open your desired language folder and then change the text in the language files.

You can also activate/deactivate the languages.

Database Backup

You can easily take backup of your database by simply clicking on the Create Backup button on Database Backup Log management page. Everything in your database will get in the database that will be exported as a zip file. So you can download it from Database Backup Log management. Also you can delete the old backup files and can generate new back up file.

Frontend Settings

Top Menu

On top menu page you can update menu text & link and make it sortable. You can also disable the jobs link, if you don't need the jobs listing page on frontend website.

Frontend Settings

CMS Pages - Home page feature

You can update the frontend website content and add more footer pages for frontend. The first option(Home Page) is for frontend website content, other pages are the footer pages.

When you click on home page content link, it will go to editable page. On this page you can easily update the content and change the pictures. If you want to upload your own customized picture for frontend then go to public/frontend/images/ folder in cpanel and upload more pictures.

If you upload more images to this folder public/frontend/images/ it will show here, and you can select an image for frontend.

Frontend content

CMS Pages - Job page feature

CMS Pages - Footer pages feature

You can easily add, edit and delete footer pages, while adding or editing the footer page you can select a column then the footer link will show there.

Footer Columns

Profile Page

You can change your account and personal information on profile page

  • Personal Information
  • Change Password
  • Company Info
  • Profile Picture

Todo Items

You can add items on todo list page.


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